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Returning Unspent Appropriations Funds

Reference this Appropriations Guide when returning unspent Appropriations funds or if paying your organization's "Amount Due". Student organizations should return unspent funds back to Student Government if they did not fully use their Appropriations funding or if Student Government cannot accept a submitted receipt. If you submitted Appropriations receipts, please wait until those receipts are verified before returning unspent funds.

Step 1: Determine if your organization needs to return unspent funds.

The first step in the process is determining if your student organization needs to return unspent Appropriations funds. Always submit receipts before returning unspent funds.

Your student organization should return unspent funds if it…

  • Did not spend any of your Appropriations funding and there is an “Amount Due”; OR
  • Only spent a portion of your Appropriations funding and have submitted receipts which have been verified by Student Government, and there is an “Amount Due”; OR
  • Submitted receipts to Student Government, but there are receipt(s) that cannot be accepted by SG and there is an “Amount Due”

Search the Ineligibility List to see if your organization is missing any receipts or owes any unspent funds. When returning unspent funds, return exactly the Amount Due, any deviation from this amount and we cannot accept the returned funds.

Step 2: Submit the online form for returning unspent funds

Before you return any unspent funds, please submit the online form first. This form allows us to communicate with you about your returned funds submission.

Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022

  • To return unspent Appropriations funds, use this online form

Fall Break 2021 – Spring Break 2022

  • To return unspent Appropriations funds, use this online form

Spring Break 2021 – Fall Break 2021

  • To return unspent Appropriations funds, use this online form

Step 3: Turning in unspent funds

Next, turn in the funds to Student Government. We can accept returned funds via check or interdepartmental transfer (IDT).

Returning Funds via Check (Recommended):

Please make the check out to “NC State University”. Print out and complete this form. Place both the check and printed form into a sealed envelope. Please drop off the envelope at the drop box outside of the Treasury Office at 4251E in Talley Student Union or mail the envelope to the mailing address below. Envelopes and printed forms are available for organizations in the SG Office.

Returning Funds via Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT):

Organizations who have an NC State University bank account can return funds to Student Government via interdepartmental transfer (IDT). This is only available to organizations who are affiliated with an on-campus department that handles their banking.

Most organizations typically are not able to return funds via IDT. Unfortunately, SG is unable to accept electronic transfers from banks at this time.

Please email Student Body Treasurer Harrison Andrews at to return funds via interdepartmental transfer (IDT).

Mailing Address

If you cannot physically drop off the returned funds, you can mail them to Student Government.

Mail returned funds to:

Attn: Student Body Treasurer Harrison Andrews
2610 Cates Avenue
Campus Box 7295
Raleigh, NC 27695-7295