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Resources & Documents

Find and access the most important resources and documents for the Appropriations process on this page.

Fall Break 2022 – Spring Break 2023 Appropriations Cycle

Fall 2022 Appropriations Packet

The Fall 2022 Appropriations Packet is your best guide through the Appropriations process. The packet includes an Appropriations Checklist, the full calendar and timeline, specific funding request information, policies, budget requirements, funding restrictions, and more.

Fall 2022 Appropriations Budget Tool

All Appropriations Applications must include a complete, accurate, balanced, and detailed budget completed using the Fall 2022 Budget Tool. When creating your budget, you should include the expected and actual revenue and expenses.

FB22-SB23 Online Appropriations Application

Your Appropriations Application is very important and will be reviewed by the Appropriations Council prior to your interview. Please ensure that the information you submit is true and accurate. We can only accept one application per student organization, if your organization is seeking funding for multiple events or activities, please include these on one application.