Election Information and Materials

Starting the Process

If you are here on this web page, chances are you’re interested in running for a position in NC State’s Student Government, and that’s awesome! This page has all of the important forms that you must turn in and fill out throughout the election, but the first step is to learn about the timeline. Choose from the drop down list either Fall or Spring to learn more about deadlines and the process related to your election. After that, return here to find your Intent to Run form. In order to run for a Student Government position, you must turn in an Intent to Run form and attend one of two All Candidates Meetings. Again, dates and times are listed on the appropriate semester page. Email sgelections@ncsu.edu with questions.

Resources for the Candidates

Elections Handbook

  • Contains the official election rules and regulations
  • All candidates running for a position should have an understanding of this information

Regulations External to Elections

Position Summaries & Required Qualifications

All Candidates Meeting Slideshow

Publicity Icons

  • These are the only University or Student Government logos that candidates are permitted to use.
  • Use of any other University or SG logos will result in a violation.


Intent to Run Form

  • Submit individually to file for candidacy
  • After submitting, the next step will be to attend an All Candidates Meeting
  • Note: If filing for SBP/SBVP joint ticket, indicate which office you are specifically filing for, and who your running mate is. Even if you are running on a joint ticket, each person must turn in an Intent to Run form. Filing will not be considered complete until BOTH parties have turned in an intent to run form and received email confirmation from the Board of Elections that it has been processed.)
  • If you accessed this before August 17th, 2017, please be mindful of the updated dates for the Fall 2017 election cycle.

Representative Authorization Form

  • Submit only if a candidate must send a representative to the All Candidates Meeting

Expense Report Form

  • Must be submitted according to the Elections Handbook rules


Please direct all questions to the Board of Elections at sgelections@ncsu.edu