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Appropriations Guides

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These guides are to help you throughout the Appropriations process — from submitting an application to returning unspent funds — Appropriations Guides are here to help!  Email for any questions or to submit a topic suggestion.

All Appropriations Guides

Appropriations GuideLast Updated
Opening a bank account for your organizationJuly 18, 2022
Valid Appropriations receiptsJuly 1, 2022
Using the Appropriations Budget ToolAugust 1, 2022
Returning Unspent Appropriations FundsAugust 3, 2022
New student organization registrationJuly 9, 2022
Re-registering a student organizationJuly 9, 2022
Requesting a Bank Verification LetterJuly 1, 2022
Becoming a Supplier at NC StateApril 4, 2022
Changing your organization’s name on PaymentWorksJuly 1, 2022
Locating the New Supplier Registration form on PaymentWorksJuly 1, 2022
What to do if your EIN is marked “Invalid” on PaymentWorks?July 1, 2022