Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of Student Government consists of eight departments: Athletics, Communications, Diversity Outreach, Government Relations, Graduate Student Relations, Sustainability, Traditions, and University Affairs. The Association of Student Governments Delegates are also members of the Executive Cabinet. We host annual events such as Respect the Pack, sponsor student and university-wide initiatives, communicate complex university matters, and represent students on university committees and the NC State University Board of Trustees.


Fall 2018 Cabinet Meeting Schedule

  • Aug. 22
  • Aug. 29
  • Sept. 5
  • Sept. 12 – (Meeting Cancelled Due to UNC System Adverse Weather Policy)

Spring 2019 Cabinet Meeting Schedule

  • Feb. 20
  • Feb. 27
  • Mar. 6
  • Mar. 13
  • Mar. 20
  • Mar. 27

Our cabinet meetings are every Wednesday at 6:00pm in room 5101 Talley Student Union. Our meetings are at a consistent time in an accessible, consistent location to ensure transparency and student involvement. For questions about cabinet meetings, email Executive Chief of Staff Ryan Dunn at sgchiefofstaff@ncsu.edu. For questions about cabinet meeting minutes, email Executive Assistant Isabelle Babson at sgexecassist@ncsu.edu.