Appropriations Council

The Appropriations Council is the body within Student Government tasked to ensure the fair distribution of Student Body Funds to registered student organizations and manage the Student Government Appropriations process.  Housed under the Treasury Branch, the Appropriations Council is made up of Student Government members from all branches ensuring a diverse collective of students.  The Council is chaired by the Student Body Treasurer, with the Chair of the Student Senate Finance Committee as the ex-officio vice-chair.  Additionally, the Deputy Treasurer is an ex-officio member.  Per Student Body Statutes there is to be a minimum of five members on the Council with at least three Senators on the Council, not including the Chair of the Student Senate Finance Committee.

If you are looking for the website that details the process of appropriations, click here. If you have any questions about the Appropriations Council, email Deputy Treasurer Harrison Andrews at



Council Members

Student Body Treasurer Garrison Seitz

ex-officio Chair of the Council

Senator Omar Jaramillo

ex-officio Vice-Chair of the Council

Deputy Treasurer Harrison Andrews

ex-officio Council member

Student Senate President Pro Tempore Molly Vanhoy
Senator Max Hagaman
Senator Sara Luber
Senator Etienne Ouellet
Senator Brodie Smith
Senator Thomas Walsh
Treasury Assistant Micala Merino 
Treasury Assistant Eric Warren
Treasury Official John Overton
ASG Delegate Henry Swartout