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WTF: What to fix?

Student Government wants to hear your thoughts about what to fix at NC State. If you have questions, comments, compliments, concerns, or suggestions please submit them here. Student Government will review all submissions and will work toward achieving your initiative.

If you have a conflict with the University or an instructor, please contact Student Ombuds Services. If you have a conflict with another student, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.

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Student Government is committed to listening to all students and ensuring that their voices are heard. However, it is important to acknowledge that due to limited resources and the large number of students, it may not be possible for Student Government to address every concern or issue brought to our attention. In such cases, Student Government will do our best to prioritize and address the most pressing concerns, but please understand that not all submissions will result in a response. Spamming will result in a warning and may reduce the prioritization of a concern or issue.