Graduate Student Relations

Student Government represents all students, including the nearly 1/3 of the overall student body that is comprised of graduate students. The SG Graduate Student Relations Department was developed to ensure that the graduate student perspective is being considered when planning events and initiatives, as well as to create an avenue to voice grad student concerns that could be addressed through SG. If you would like to learn more or may be interested in serving this department, please contact the Director of Graduate Student Relations, Mike Madden, at

Director of Graduate Student Relations Mike Madden

I’m Mike Madden and I’m in the Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Ph.D. program. I study climate change and its impacts on heavy summertime rainfall, which requires a lot of time with supercomputers and data processing. I am an amateur pianist, a huge trivia junkie, and proud to serve as the Director of Graduate Student Relations. It is my responsibility to ensure that graduate student concerns are communicated to the Student Government and Senate, and I also serve as a liaison to the NC State Graduate Student Association. Simply put, I would like to strengthen my role as an advocate for graduate students, and I aim to encourage graduate students to realize their power to affect change. Furthermore, I want to help members of the Student Government recognize the important work that graduate students undertake, and how the issues that impact them also affect the rest of the NC State community.