Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs Andy Lam | he/him

The Student Government Government Affairs Department acts as a liaison between students and local, state, and federal elected bodies.  We seek to protect student interests by establishing relationships with all levels of government.  United, the NC State student body is a strong voice in the state of North Carolina.

Andy Lam is a Fifth-Year student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering with a Business Administration minor. He has served in Student Government as a College of Engineering Senator. He enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, and watching TEDtalks. Andy is looking forward to working with the Pack the Polls Coalition to get students registered to vote and improving civic engagement on campus!


Whether you are interested in learning more, looking to get involved, or have any feedback, please feel free to email me.  Interested in learning more about the Government Affairs Department?  Contact Director of Government Affairs Andy Lam: