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Requesting a Bank Verification Letter

Student organizations might have to provide a Bank Verification Letter to a bank when opening an account. This letter is from Student Leadership and Engagement and certifies that an organization is registered and approved at NC State. In this guide, we provide general information regarding the Bank Verification Letter and instructions on how to request this letter from Student Leadership and Engagement.

What information is needed to request a Bank Verification Letter?

Student Leadership and Engagement requires that student organizations provide the following information when requesting a Bank Verification Letter.

Your nameYou will need to provide your legal name.
Your email addressWe recommend providing an email address that is connected with your student organization so that future leaders can access the Bank Verification Letter.
Student Organization Full NameYou will need to provide the full, legal name of your student organization. This name will also be on your organization’s bank account.
Bank Account Access ListYou will need to list all students who will be on the bank account for your organization.
Example: John Doe, President

Requesting a Bank Verification Letter

All requests for a Bank Verification Letter must be completed through the Request for Bank Verification Letter form on GetInvolved. Students must sign in with their NC State University Unity account to see and submit the form.

Student organizations can also request a change to the access list to an existing bank account via the Request for Bank Verification Letter form on GetInvolved.

Contact Darrius Barrow, Associate Director at Student Leadership & Engagement, for any questions or concerns at

Last updated: July 1, 2022