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Submit Receipts & Return Unspent Funds

Spring Break 2023 – Fall Break 2023 Cycle

The deadline to submit receipts and unspent funds from the Spring Break 2023 – Fall Break 2023 Cycle is Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET. All student organizations who received Appropriations funding for this Cycle are required to submit receipts to show the Appropriations funds were properly used. If your organization did not use all of your Appropriations funds, your organization is required to return the unspent funds.

If you are wanting to submit receipts and return unspent funds for past Appropriations Cycles, click here.

Archive of Receipt & Unspent Funds Forms

Fall Break 2022 – Spring Break 2023 Cycle

Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022 Cycle

Fall Break 2021 – Spring Break 2022 Cycle

Archive of Appropriations Cycle Funding