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Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022 Cycle Funding

The final funding amounts for the Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022 Appropriations Cycle can be found below. Please note that some requests were not able to be supported by Student Fee money and/or Student Government policies. If you need any clarification of your organization's allocation and/or description, please contact the Chair of the Appropriations Council, Harrison Andrews at

Request NumberStudent Organization NameFinal Funding AmountLine Item Description
10 Degrees of Separation$700.00Start-up funding, Promotional, and Events
2180 Degrees Consulting at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
3Acappology$597.00Events and Materials
4Aces and Aros$300.00Start-up funding
5Acts 2 Fellowship$518.00Start-up funding and Travel
6Aerial Robotics Club at NC State$1,138.00Materials
7African Student Union$688.00Events and Materials (no movie nights)
8All-Girl Cheerleading Club$1,120.00Travel
9Alpha Epsilon Delta at NCSU$772.00Events and Materials
10Alpha Gamma Rho$1,012.00Events
11Alpha Kappa Psi$818.00Events and Materials
12Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc$970.00Events, Materials, and Travel
13Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority Inc$828.00Events and Materials
14American Institute of Aeronautics and$462.00Events, Materials, and Travel
15American Institute of Architecture$1,422.00Events and Materials
16American Institute of Chemical Engineers$1,249.00Events
17American Marketing Assoc at NC State$513.00Events
18American Mathematical Society at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
19American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers$1,311.00Travel
20American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Section at NC State$620.00Materials
21Animal Science Club at NC State$1,098.00Materials and Travel
22Antioch College Ministry at North Carolina State University$990.00Events and Travel
23Arab Student Organization$1,271.00Events and Materials
24Asian Students Association$200.00Event and Travel (no prizes)
25Association for Women in Mathematics$682.00Events and Materials
26Association of Latino Professionals for America NCSU$250.00Events and Materials
27Astronomy Club$300.00Start-up funding
28Badminton Club at NC State$574.00Start-up funding, Event and Materials
29Bangladesh Student Association$1,185.00Events and Materials
30Battlebots at NC State$1,051.00Materials and Event
31Beekeepers Club$511.00Events and materials
32Best Buddies at NC State University$300.00Supplies
33Biomathematics Graduate Student Association$336.00Events
34Black Business Students Association$407.00Events and Materials
35Camp Kesem at NC State University$0.00Missed Interview, Organization is on the Ineligibility List
36Caribbean Student Association$620.00Events
37Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship$1,185.00Speaker, Event, and Promotional (no prizes)
38Chinese Undergraduate Student Association$960.00Events
39Chordination A Cappella$939.00Travel and Event
40Citizen Science Club at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
41Civil Engineering Graduate Student Association$0.00Missed Interview
42Club Baseball at NC State$1,443.00Travel and Materials
43Club Flag Football at NC State$734.00Travel and Event
44Club Swim Team at North Carolina State University$0.00Missed Interview
45Club Water Polo$1,206.00Travel
46College Mentors for Kids at NC State$1,487.00Events and Materials
47College of Education Graduate Student Advisory Board$220.00Events and Materials
48Consult Your Community at NC State$0.00Missed Interview, Organization is on the Ineligibility List
49CRANE Collective at NC State$399.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
50Cross Country/Track Club at NC State$1,098.00Travel and Events
51Cycling Club at NC State$1,185.00Events, Travel, and Materials
52Dance Marathon at NCSU$521.00Events
53DanceVisions Dance Company$0.00Missed Interview, Did not attend a Required Appropriations Information Session, Organization is on the Ineligibility List
54Dancing With Wolves Ballroom Dance Club$667.00Events and Lessons
55Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc.$655.00Events and Materials
56Disc Golf Club$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
57EKTAA$1,400.00Events and Travel
58Electrical and Computer Engineering Ambassadors$691.00Events, Materials, and Promotion (no movie nights)
59Embedded Machine Learning Club$662.00Events and Materials
60Engineers Without Borders$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
61Epsilon Eta Environmental Fraternity$360.00Materials
62Equestrian Dressage Club at NC State$459.00Events, Travel, and Materials
63Equestrian Western Club at NC State$848.00Events, Travel, and Materials
64Esports Club at NC State$300.00Start-up funding
65Fencing Club At NC State$419.00Events and Materials
66Figure Skating Club$1,271.00Events and Travel
67Filipino American Student Association$754.00Events and Materials
68Finance Club$848.00Travel, shirts, food
69Financial Literacy Club$250.00Events and Materials
70FIRST Alumni Association at NC State$1,091.00Events and Travel
71Forestry and Environmental Resources Graduate Student Association$351.00Supplies and Event
72Fusion Dance Crew$1,112.00Travel and Uniforms
73Genomic Sciences Graduate Student Association$1,357.00Event and Materials
74Geo-Institute of Graduate Student Organization at NCSU$648.00Materials, Promotional, and Travel
75Geology Club SME$300.00Start-up funding
76Geospatial Graduate Student Organization$817.00Fundraising and Promotional
77Girls Engineering Change$1,314.00Events and Materials
78Grace Christian Life$629.00Events
79Grappling Club at NC State University$497.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
80Her Campus NC State$433.00Event and Materials
81Herpetology Club$275.00Promotional
82High Powered Rocketry Club$1,315.00Materials
83Hillel at NCSU$818.00Events and Materials
84Institute of Transportation Engineers, American Society of Highway Engineers, and American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association at NC State$1,336.00Travel
85International Veterinary Students Assoc$270.00Events and Materials
86Investment Banking Club$467.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
87Investors Association$250.00Supplies
88Iranian Student Association$1,228.00Events
89Junoon$871.00Travel and Events
90Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc$482.00Event and Materials
91Kappa Student Chapter of the North Carolina Council for Teachers of Mathematics at North Carolina State University$268.00Materials and Promotional
92Kappa Xi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.$0.00Missed Interview
93Korean American Student Association$300.00Start-up funding
95Lacrosse Club at North Carolina State$1,055.00Travel
96Ladies in Red$1,001.00Production expenses
97Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc$498.00Events, Travel, and Materials
98Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc.$1,400.00Events, Travel, and Materials
99Leopold Wildlife Club$1,193.00Travel, event, Food
100Liquid Rocketry Lab$1,271.00Materials
101Marine Earth & Atmospheric Sciences GSA$355.00Event and Materials (no prizes)
102Marine Science Club$430.00Start-up funding, Events and Materials
103Master of Business Administration Student Association$1,163.00Events
104Mens Rugby Club$1,379.00Travel
105Mens Volleyball Club at NC State$1,314.00Travel
106Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences$667.00Start-up funding, Events and Materials
107MIx Motivation and Inspiration$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
108Model United Nations$593.00Start-up funding, Event, and Travel
109Multicultural Greek Council$0.00Organization is not a Registered Student Organization (RSO)
110Muslim Student Assocation$1,163.00Events
111National Association for the Advancement$860.00Events and Materials
112National Society of Black Engineers$1,314.00Travel
113Nazaare at NCSU$1,228.00Events, Travel, and Materials
114NC State Strength Club$300.00Start-up funding
115NC State Table Tennis Club$348.00Events and Materials
116NCSU Men's Ultimate Club$1,379.00Travel
117NCSU Womens Club Volleyball$1,422.00Travel
118Nepali Students' Association$665.00Events and Materials
119Nirvair$300.00Start-up funding
120Oak City Revolution$1,487.00Travel
121Omega Phi Alpha$726.00Events and Materials
122Operations Research GSA at NC State$303.00Event and Materials
123Pack Bionics$1,163.00Events and Materials
124Pack Motorsports Club$1,487.00Materials
125Pack Pullers$1,228.00Travel
126Pack to Grad School$300.00Supplies
127Pakistani Student Association$1,249.00Events and Travel
128Parkour Freerunning and Tricking at NC State$386.00Event and Materials
129Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management Graduate Student Association$404.00Events and Travel
130Phi Beta Sigma$535.00Events
131Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity$488.00Materials and Event
132Pickleball Club at NC State University$1,249.00Event and Materials
133Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association$445.00Promotional and Event
134Political Science Club at North Carolina State University$300.00Start-up funding
135Poole College of Management Peer Career Coaches$100.00Events and Materials
136Pre-Law Students' Association$528.00Events and Materials
137Pre-Veterinary Medical Association at No$820.00Supplies (including food) and Event
138Pushing Excellence Student Association$605.00Start-up funding, Event, and Materials
139Radiology Club at NC State CVM$655.00Fundraising, Materials, and Promotional
140Rafting Club at NC State$1,099.00Start-up funding and Travel
141Rowing Club$1,357.00Boat and Repairs
142Sailing Club$947.00Travel
143Science And Technology Enriching Lifelong Leadership In Tomorrow’s Endeavors$1,163.00Travel and Event
144Science Policy Pack at NC State$523.00Event and Speaker
145Service Raleigh$1,001.00Materials
146Sigma Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority$1,400.00Events and Materials
147Silver Wings: Martha E Metz Chapter$300.00Start-up funding
148SKY at NC State$300.00Events and Materials
149Society of American Foresters$1,185.00Events, Travel, and Materials
150Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers at NC State$483.00Travel
151Society of Future Cosmetic Industry Professionals$250.00Materials
152Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers$688.00Events and Materials
153Society of HR Management$200.00Supplies and Event
154Society of Women Engineers$1,292.00Event
155SOL Garden$1,208.00Pathway and Projects
157Statistics Graduate Student Organization$200.00Events
158Student Association for Fire Ecology$404.00Events and Materials
159Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners$1,206.00Events, Travel, and Materials
160Student Fisheries Society$745.00Travel and Event
161Students for Exploration & Development$362.00Events and Materials
162Students for Immigrants Rights$605.00Promotional and Event
163Studio 804 Ballet Company$635.00Events
164Surgery Club at NC State CVM$726.00Materials and Speaker
165Technical Communication Association$338.00Events and Materials
166Textile Engineering Society$360.00Travel and Event
167Thandav at NC State$1,249.00Event and Materials
168The Black Artist Coalition$0.00Organization is on the Ineligibility List
169The National Parks Club at NCSU$1,206.00Events and Travel
170Triangle Area American Society of Biomechanics Student Chapter$517.00Materials
171Triathlon Club at NC State$682.00Events and Travel
172Turkish Student Association$1,465.00Event and Materials
173Underwater Robotics$1,271.00Materials
174Unicycle Club$300.00Start-up funding
175Vietnamese Student Association$554.00Equipment, Supplies, and Promotional
176Wolf de Nakhre at NCSU$1,081.00Events, Travel, and Materials
177Wolfpack Robotics at NC State$733.00Events and Materials
178Wolfpack Twirlers$562.00Events and Travel
179Women in Business at NC State$371.00Event and Materials
180Women's Ultimate Club$858.00Events, Travel, and Materials
181Womens Club Basketball$1,249.00Events, Travel, and Materials
182Womens Lacrosse Club$955.00Travel
183Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc$843.00Events and Materials

Last updated: July 1, 2022