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Treasury Branch Notice to Announce the Student Government E-Store

Treasury Branch Notice 16 – November 18, 2022

The Treasury Branch is excited to announce the new Student Government Ecommerce Store (SG e-store) for returning unspent allocated funds for the Student Government Appropriations and Finance Committee Grants processes.  The SG e-store will now allow student organizations to return their unspent funds online via credit or debit card.  The e-store platform accepts most major card types including American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

The SG e-store can be accessed at or  Student organizations can begin returning unspent funds through the SG e-store today and we can accept returned funds via card for the Fall Break 2022 – Spring Break 2023 Appropriations Cycle, Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022 Appropriations Cycle, Fall Break 2021 – Spring Break 2022 Appropriations Cycle, and Finance Committee Grants.

Student Government continuously works to improve the SG Appropriations and Finance Committee Grants processes.  The establishment of the SG e-store is one of the ways we are making improvements of our allocations processes to make them more efficient and accessible to student organizations.  SG strives to support student organizations in any way we can.  If your organization has any questions or concerns, please contact either Deputy Treasurer Parker Rowan at or Student Body Treasurer Lanadia Adams at