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Leadership Applications for 103rd Session Open

Executive Cabinet

Interested in joining Student Government? Applications for the 103rd Session Executive Branch are now now open! There are numerous positions available such as Executive Chief of Staff, Executive Directors, and Board of Elections Commissioners.

Application Timeline

  • Application Opens — March 13, 2023
  • Application Closes — March 27, 2023 at 11:59PM
  • Position Interviews — March 29-April 7, 2023

Treasury Branch

Applications for the Treasury Branch of the 103rd Session of Student Government are now open! Consider applying for Deputy Treasurer, Senior Financial Advisor, Treasury Communications Advisor, Treasury Official, and/or Allocation Official. Join us as we continue to advocate for all NC State students.

Application Timeline

  • Application Opens — March 13, 2023
  • Application Closes — April 7, 2023 at 11:59PM

Student Senate

Senate is given a number of duties by the Student Body Constitution, which include the responsibility to enact all legislation necessary and proper to promote the general welfare of the Student Body.

The Senate also approves an annual Student Body Budget for the Student Body funds, allocate Student Body Funds to bodies of Student Government and to Student Organizations registered with Student Leadership and Engagement as it shall deem compatible with the general welfare of the Student Body, confirm or reject appointments of the Student Body President, and try all impeachments and suspend or remove from office any elected or appointed official for malfeasance in office.

Most importantly, however, Senate represents the student voice to the University administration. Rather than passing traditional “laws”, as one would expect of the legislative branch from state and federal models, the Senate acts as an influential and avocational body addressing the concerns of the student body, and bringing these concerns to the attention of the University through formal Resolutions.

Appointment Process

  • Appointments are considered on a rolling basis as long as there are open seats in the delegation.

Delegations with Positions Available

  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • College of Design
  • College of Natural Resources
  • College of Sciences
  • Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Graduate and Lifelong Education
  • Poole College of Management
  • Wilson College of Textiles

Eligibility Requirements

A minimum 2.5 cumulative Grade Point Average at time of election/appointment is required. Students must be in good academic and conduct standing with the university (REG Please see below on how to be exempted from this requirement and the waiver process.

a) If at the time of election/appointment, a student’s cumulative GPA is below 2.5, he or she may appeal to the organization advisor for special dispensation. After reviewing the student’s academic record, if the organization advisor considers that the student’s taking on the new leadership role will not adversely affect the student’s academic progress, the organization advisor may approve the student’s candidacy. The student would then be required to receive his or her academic advisor’s approval before being fully declared eligible for the position.

b) If a student leader’s semester GPA drops below 2.5 any semester during his or her service, the student must develop a recovery strategy that meets the organization advisor’s and the student’s academic advisor’s approval. Organization advisors will also encourage the student to take advantage of tutorial and other academic support services available on campus. The recovery strategy may include probationary status or suspension from the leadership position for a minimum of one semester.

c) Student leaders who do not meet the minimum cumulative GPA standard must meet with the organization advisor within four weeks to develop a recovery strategy, if appropriate.