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Treasury Branch Notice to Permanently Restrict Acceptance of High-Value Checks

Treasury Branch Notice 21 – March 1, 2023

Effective immediately, Student Government will not be accepting physical checks with a value of $250.00 or more.  This is a permanent policy, unless changed by the Student Body Treasurer via Notice, and will affect all Student Government operations including Student Government Appropriations and Student Senate Finance Committee Grants.  Student Government will continue to be able to issue checks to student organizations for allocations.

If a student organization needs to return funds for either the SG Appropriations or Finance Committee Grants processes, they are recommended to return funds via online payment on the new Student Government E-Store.

Student Government continuously works to improve the SG Appropriations and Finance Committee Grants processes.  We know this policy change might negatively impact some student organizations, but we are always re-evaluating our processes and procedures to ensure that they are efficient and appropriate for all stakeholders.

Student Government strives to support student organizations in any way we can.  If you or your organization has any questions or concerns, please contact either Deputy Treasurer Aiden Portnoy at or Student Body Treasurer Harrison Andrews at