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Spring 2023 Election Results

Reid/Markert win runoff election for Student Body President and Vice President; McGuinness elected Student Senate President; Martino elected Student Body Treasurer

The Board of Elections has announced the results of the Spring 2023 General Election and Runoff Election. Timothy Reid and Allison Markert have been elected Student Body President and Vice President, Stephen McGuinness has been elected Student Senate President, and Evan Martino has been elected Student Body Treasurer. Please see below for full results of the General Election and Runoff Election as well as the winning candidates of the Student Senate elections.

Runoff Election – Student Body President and Vice President

Timothy Reid & Allison Markert58.35%
Nina Kudlak & Will Vuncannon41.64%
One (1) seat available
General Election – Student Body President and Vice President
Timothy Reid & Allison Markert*35.43%
Nina Kudlak & Will Vuncannon*23.05%
Hilton Stallworth & Chima Nwosu22.37%
Kayla Grogan & Katie Phillips16.00%
One (1) seat available

An asterisk (*) denotes candidates that are in a runoff election.
General Election – Student Senate President
Stephen McGuinness79.24%
One (1) seat available
General Election – Student Body Treasurer
Evan Martino79.64%
One (1) seat available

Student Senators

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Max Nicely
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Alianna Kendall-Brooks
  • Vanessa Dixon
  • Aisha Abdul Aleem
  • Chalina Lauraine
  • Maddie Watts
  • Summer Vayel Wheeler
  • Issac Carreno
Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Camryn Kline
College of Education
  • Charles Kellon
  • Jahzar Fields
  • Bradley Quinn
College of Engineering
  • Shiva Gadireddy
  • Naila Din
  • Amina Abdulsalam
  • Alyssa Price
  • Maddi Hardwick
  • Makayla Hines
  • Aaina Vannan
  • Amory Gaylord
  • Connor Hekking
  • Ryan Polk
Graduate and Lifelong Education
  • Surendhar Kaliannan
  • Kelsey Jenkins
  • Amiya Haque
  • Meshary Alghamdi
  • Sydney Welch
  • Ray Baek
Poole College of Management
  • Joseph Wittmer
  • Rucheer Dave
  • Parker Dunn
  • Reed Ballus
  • Saif Elsisy
College of Sciences
  • Caroline Miranda
  • Zainab Abdul Aleem
  • Lenny Thai
  • Nathaniel Somma
  • Nathan Passey
Wilson College of Textiles
  • Kayla Bigley