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Prepare for the Fall Break 2022 – Spring Break 2023 Appropriations Cycle

As we approach the first day of classes for the fall semester, it is time to prepare for the next Appropriations Cycle, Fall Break 2022 – Spring Break 2023. The Online Appropriations Application for the FB22-SB23 Cycle will open August 15th, but student organizations should start preparing now.

Introducing new Appropriations Resources

A refreshed Appropriations Checklist | Available now

To assist student organizations in completing the various steps of successfully submitting an Appropriations Application, we have created a new Appropriations Checklist. The checklist has every thing that student organizations need to do in order to submit their Appropriations Application. The checklist is accessible in the Appropriations Packet and can be downloaded as a separate PDF file.

What should I do before August 15th?

Even though the Online Appropriations Application opens on August 15th, student organizations can start preparing their application and budget now. The Fall 2022 Appropriations Packet and Budget Tool are now available to student organizations. These two resources are vital to student organizations as they navigate the Appropriations process and submit their application. See our recommendations below for what you should do before August 15th.

  1. Read the Appropriations Packet thoroughly as it will be your best guide through the Appropriations process. The Packet has a refreshed look and contains important information about your Appropriations Application, funding requests, and budgets. Specific information about what is required for your Appropriations Application can be found on page 12.
  2. Create your organization’s budget using the Fall 2022 Appropriations Budget Tool. A step-by-step guide to using the Budget Tool is available online and student organizations can begin creating their budget now.
  3. Make sure you have submitted any receipts and returned any unspent funds from past Appropriations Cycles. Check the Ineligibility List to see if your organization owes any receipts or unspent funds back to Student Government. If your organization received funding from the Spring Break 2022 – Fall Break 2022 Cycle, these receipts are not due yet and do not need to be submitted in order to apply for the FB22-SB23 Appropriations Cycle.
  4. Make sure your student organization has a bank account and is a supplier at NC State to be eligible to receive Appropriations funding. Student organizations should open a bank account and begin the supplier registration process as soon as possible.
  5. Ensure your student organization is officially registered through Student Leadership and Engagement.

What should I do after August 15th?

On August 15th, the Online Appropriations Application opens and student organizations can begin applying for Appropriations funding. To ensure that your student organization has a successful Appropriations Cycle, make sure you…

  1. Have a least one representative from your student organization attend an Appropriations Information Session. The Appropriations Information Session is required for all student organizations wanting to submit an Appropriations application. This session is 30 minutes long and will cover all of the important information you will need to know to submit an Appropriations application.
  2. Complete your student organization’s Appropriations budget. Verify the accuracy of your budget and make sure that it is in complete compliance with Appropriations policies.
  3. Submit your Appropriations Application online before the deadline (September 2nd at 11:59 PM ET). Your Appropriations Application is very important and will be reviewed by the Appropriations Council prior to your interview.
  4. Schedule your required Appropriations Interview after you submit your application. After you submit your Appropriations Application, the confirmation page will have a link to sign up for an interview time slot. Interviews are required in order to receive funding, this means waiting until the last minute to submit the application will limit the availability of interview time slots.

What if I need help?

We understand that the Appropriations process can be complicated and confusing, so we try our best to make the process as easy as possible and we provide many opportunities to get help. If you still have questions or need extra help after attending the required Appropriations Information Session, you can come to an optional, drop-in Appropriations Help Session held by the Appropriations Council, email, or schedule an office hour appointment with Student Body Treasurer Harrison Andrews or Deputy Treasurer Aiden Portnoy.

We encourage student organizations to take advantage of the Appropriations Help Sessions and office hour appointments to ask questions, get help with your application or budget, or sit down with an Appropriations Council member to review your application to see if everything looks good.

We also provide Appropriations Guides on our website to help student organizations complete essential tasks for your Appropriations Application. These online guides cover a range of topics like opening a bank account, completing the supplier registration process, and using the Appropriations Budget Tool, among others.

Student Government Appropriations funding has provided over $2 million to over 800 student organizations at NC State since 1998 supporting student organizations’ events, activities, and initiatives.

Student organizations are integral to the campus community and Student Government is excited to foster the success of student organizations through Appropriations funding. Make sure you reference and complete the Appropriations Checklist to ensure that your organization has a successful Fall Break 2022 – Spring Break 2023 Appropriations Cycle. Please email with any questions or concerns regarding Appropriations.