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COVID Department Official Report Released

Student Government’s Department on Student Support Post COVID-19 have released their official recommendations for NC State moving into the Fall 2021 and beyond.

Post COVID-19 Official Report


As NC State looks to reopen the campus in the fall, many students are excited to return and experience all that NC State has to offer, yet are concerned about the transition back to in person classes and navigating these challenges. In an effort to represent the student concerns, Student Body President McKenzy Heavlin established a select department of students to create a report for the campus community.

This report, written by students across varying academic disciplines and ages over the month of June, will hopefully serve as a guiding document for conversations regarding the return to campus–as well as future innovations realized during the pandemic.

The main themes of the report include:
(1) Increased Flexibility for Students in the Classroom
(2) Continued Commitment to Address Food/Housing Insecurity
(3) Access to Resources for Student Wellbeing outside the Classroom

President Heavlin has already heard many great discussions from all levels of the university regarding student support and campus life post COVID-19. Student Government will strive to continue these conversations well into the future to ensure we are focused and committed to student success. President Heavlin, on behalf of the student body and Student Government, look forward to continued collaboration and conversation regarding student support post COVID-19.