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Title IX

Student Body President McKenzy Heavlin has established the Select Student Body Department on Title IX  to conduct research into university statutes surrounding Title IX laws, coordinate and carry out a commemorative event for the 50th anniversary of Title IX, and to get a better understanding of the needs of students surrounding Title IX. These meetings are open to the public and we encourage students to get involved.

Title IX Charges and Duties

(1) Review and report on the status of Title IX at the federal government level, specifically focusing on the current US Department of Education’s stance on Title IX; and (2) Commemorate the 50th anniversary of Title IX.


  1. Compose a brief, two to three page report, addressing the US Department of Education’s stance on Title IX, how any proposed changes will impact NC State students, a list of potential actions for both the NC State Executive Branch and the Student Senate, considerations for this session and future sessions of Student Government to strengthen Title IX, and additional sections as identified by the department; and,
  2. Curate and present an official Student Government commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX by reviewing the impact of the legislation on campus and its continual impact on higher education; and,
  3. Work to complete the previous charges through scopes of wellness, equity, justice, and accessibility.


  1. Meet bi-weekly, at the call of the chair, to discuss ideas, review current policies and practices, meet with relevant university stakeholders, and other actions to achieve the above charges; and,
  2. Provide periodic and timely updates to the Student Body President and Student Senate President regarding department activity; and, 
  3. Conduct all Department meetings consistent with Student Government and Executive Branch expectations and standards, including but not limited to, open meeting requirements, quorum, and non-member participation as listed in Statute §3-3.15.; and, 
  4. Make all agendas, minutes, and department materials publicly available and accessible on the Student Government website, subject to the approval of the Student Body President; and,
  5. Finalize the commemoration plans for the 50th anniversary of Title IX no later than, but ideally before, November 30, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST; and,
  6. Submit an official Student Government Title IX report to the Student Body President no later than December 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST.

Title IX Meeting Schedule and Materials

11/13/202212:30PM11.13.22 Agenda11.13.22 MinutesStudent Government Suite, Talley 4251
11/20/202212:30PM11.20.22 Agenda11.20.2022 MinutesStudent Government Suite, Talley 4251
11/29/202212:30PM11.29.22 Agenda11.29.2022 MinutesVirtual
1/22/202312:30PM1.22.23 Agenda1.22.23 MinutesStudent Government Suite,
Talley 4251
1/29/202312:30PM1.29.23 Agenda1.29.23 MinutesStudent Government Suite, Talley 4251
The Title IX department meetings are subject to change.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Student Government will honor requests for accommodations made by individuals with disabilities. Direct accommodation requests for these Title IX department to Chair Allison Markert at

Please note: These are public meetings.

Title IX Membership


Vice Chair


  • Stephen McGuinness, Secretary, WCOT Student Senator
  • Ria Bakshi, Wellness Director
  • Adachi Amaram, ASG Delegate
  • Megan Aljian
  • Grace Bartow, Greek Council Representative
  • Davion Washington, Director of Equity and Accessibility
  • Ugonna Ezuma-Igwe, Assitant Director of Equity and Accessibility
  • Chalina Lauraine
  • Christine O’Donnell, UAB Representative
  • Jake Temple

Report Timeline

Please use the following link to view our calendar with important dates and timelines!