Office Hours Calendar

Student Body President and Trustee

Jess Errico | she/her/hers

  • The Student Body President serves as the principle advocate for student interests as the leader of the Executive Branch of Student Government, a voting member of the Board of Trustees, and the NC State leading representative to the UNC Association of Student Governments. Jess Errico is a fifth year first generation college student studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Jess serves as the only student representative on the university’s Board of Trustees. She serves with other Student Body Presidents in the UNC System in the Council of Student Body Presidents.

Student Body Vice President

Meredith Spence Beaulieu | she/her/hers

  • The Vice President is tasked with overseeing the operations of the executive branch, including the executive departments and additional Student Government initiatives. Meredith has been involved in Student Government for two years, and is excited to help SG run efficiently. She is a PhD Candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Entomology studying the ecology of dog heartworm disease, a debilitating canine disease caused by a mosquito-transmitted parasite. Outside of her SG and research responsibilities, she enjoys spending time with her horde of furry children: Wren the lab-poodle-shar pei mix, Logan and Cora the boxers, Grim the cat, and Ratsby the rat.

Student Senate President

Adam Schmidt | he/him/his

  • Adam is a third-year student studying civil engineering and minoring in Chinese studies. He is entering his third year in the Student Senate, and served in a number of Student Government-related roles before becoming Senate President. In his free time, Adam enjoys trying to become a better photographer, going to the gym, and learning about the socioeconomic impacts of transit-oriented development. He hopes to offer training and developmental opportunities to Student Senators that will empower them to do their best work, and to engage students outside of SG with the Senate.

Student Body Treasurer

Molly Mueller | she/her/hers

  • The Student Body Treasurer serves as the chief financial officer of the Student Body. Molly is
    excited to work with the Finance, Tuition and Fees, and Appropriations Committees. She is
    working to increase communication between the Treasury and Student Body to create transparent
    processes. Molly is a junior majoring in political science and international studies. If you have
    any questions or would like to become involved in the Treasury please email Molly at the address below!

Student Body Chief Justice

Jodi Svetaketu | she/her/hers

  • Jodi Svetaketu is a third year student studying English and Spanish. She has spent three years in Student Government on the Conduct Board. During that time, she has served as a hearing assistant and Chair of the Training Committee. As Chief Justice, Jodi serves as the presiding officer for Conduct Board hearings.