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Category: Howl

Jan 10, 2017

[HOWL] Welcome back for Spring 2017!

MESSAGE FROM The SBP [PAUL NOLAN] Good afternoon, Wolfpack!  Welcome back home to NC State!  I hope everyone has been staying safe and warm in this weather. Winter is coming, so get your hot cocoa now! I went to Harris Teeter prior to the storm because I thrive on Raleigh’s chaos. I also broke a sled… 

Dec 7, 2016

[HOWL] Exams, and papers, and projects… Oh my!

Message from SBP [Paul Nolan] Good evening, Wolfpack!  Happy finals!  I wish you all the best; may the word count be in your favor; may that curve carry you; may you get restful sleep; may the winter break be right around the corner! That’s all I got for now, I have to get back to… 

Nov 30, 2016

[HOWL] Campus Events for the week of Nov. 29th

MESSAGE FROM THE SBP [PAUL NOLAN] Good evening, Wolfpack!  Apologies for the late Howl, it’s been a long week and it’s not near over!  I also took time to relieve stress and go swimming today – remember to find those healthy outlets, especially in high-stress times around finals. I also write with some sorrow in… 

Nov 23, 2016

[HOWL] Thanksgiving and Campus Events

Message from the SBP [Paul Nolan] Good evening, Wolfpack!  It’s your favorite SBP with your weekly Howl!  First, I’d like to apologize for not sending the Howl last week.  It was a hectic week… but we got this! The most important thing to note: last Friday, the university’s Board of Trustees approved tuition and fee… 

Aug 12, 2016

Welcome Home! A Wolfpack Greeting and Upcoming Events

NC State Wolfpack, WELCOME HOME!  For our new students: I am Paul Nolan, your Student Body President.  For returning students: I’m back!  As a refresher, I send emails to the student body on a weekly basis which include campus updates, puppies, and – on a rare occasion – my dating profile (which I’m still responding back…